Infinity Journal Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2012 - page 31

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2012
Infinity Journal
Page 29
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[ii] Frank Hoffman references Colin Gray and Max Boot as asserting there will be a multi-modal or multi-variant trend in future conflict. John McCuen also argued
this in “Hybrid Wars,”Military Review, 88 (March/April 2008), 107.
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[xx] Focusing on the character of potential threats for the preparation of war dates at least to Carl von Clausewitz’ On War. This also mirrors the prescription Bard
O’Neill recommends in his book on insurgency and terrorism when he argues there are nine distinct insurgent characters each demanding a different military and
policy responses. Bard E. O’Neill, Insurgency and Terrorism: From Revolution to Apocalypse, 2nd edition (Washington, D.C.: Potomac Books, Inc., 2005).
Why Hybrid Warfare is Tactics Not Strategy
Dan G. Cox,Thomas Bruscino & Alex Ryan
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