Military Strategy Magazine - Volume 8, Issue 1

Volume 8, Issue 1, Summer 2022 Publishing Co., The IJ Infinity Group, Ltd. Publisher Dr. A. E. Stahl aestahl@militarystrategymagazine. com Editor William F. Owen william@militarystrategymagazine. com Contributor Colin S. Gray Contributor Antulio J. Echevarria II Contributor Edward Luttwak Contributor Shay Shabtai Contributor Donald Stoker Contributor Peri Golan Contributor Hugh Smith, AM Contributor David Betz Contributor Kevin C.M. Benson Contributor Gur Laish Contributor Vanya E. Bellinger Contributor Lukas Milevski Contributor Nathan K. Finney Contributor Eitan Shamir Contributor Kobi Michael Contributor Ron Tira Subscribe For Free Military Strategy Magazine is distributed via Contact If you’d like to contact an editor regarding submission of articles see contact Advertising Equiries Interested in advertising in Military Strategy Magazine? adverts@militarystrategymagazine. com Military Strategy Magazine (MSM), previously Infinity Journal, is a privately funded strategy journal, founded in London and based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Military Strategy Magazine is solely distributed through its official website. It may not be shared through other websites, by email or by other means, as a whole or in any part. Please refrain from sharing this document directly and instead recommend that your friends and colleagues subscribe for free at This is integral to maintaining Military Strategy Magazine as a free publication. Additionally, if quoting from an article in Military Strategy Magazine, please ensure that the publication is properly sourced. Any publication included in Military Strategy Magazine and/or opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of Military Strategy Magazine or the The IJ Infinity Group, Ltd. Such publications and all information within the publications (e.g. titles, dates, statistics, conclusions, sources, opinions, etc) are solely the responsibility of the author of the article, not Military Strategy Magazine or the The IJ Infinity Group, Ltd.