Military Strategy Magazine - Volume 8, Issue 1

The Strategy of Maoism in the West Rage and the Radical Left David Martin Jones and M.L.R. Smith ‘An excellent expose of the neo-Maoist roots of rage in the West today that has sustained a nihilistic campaign against Western society and state, and which endangers the very democratic liberalism that we value but have taken for granted. A must-read for everyone concerned with what our future holds.’ – Andrew Tan, Macquarie University, Australia Investigating 20th Century Chinese ideology through the two main elements of passionate belief and cultivation of rage, this timely book examines how Maoist thinking has influenced Western politics. Tracing the origins of Maoist ideas in Western politics, David Martin Jones and M.L.R. Smith expertly apply the principles of strategic theory to provide an understanding of how Mao’s ideas made their way from China into Western societies where they exert a profound and little understood impact on contemporary political conduct. The book offers critical insights into key theoretical discourses and their practical applications, including: Maoism, Orientalism and post-colonial discourse theory, Maoism and the mind, and Maoism and the politics of passion. Forward-thinking in its approach, it addresses the important question of where Maoism will end, analysing the trajectory that Maoism is likely to take, and what the cumulative impact of it upon Western societies may be. June 2022 c 224 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 945 7 c £85.00 c £51.00 c $120.00 c $72.00 Discount Available for Military Strategy Magazine’s Readers: Order online at with promo code DJMS40 to save 40%