Military Strategy Magazine - Volume 8, Issue 1

Volume 8, Issue 1, Summer 2022 36 Towards Better Civilian Strategic Education: A Case for TabletopWargames Benjamin E. Mainardi - Center for Maritime Strategy About the author Benjamin Mainardi is an analyst at the Center for Maritime Strategy. He holds an MA in War Studies from King's College London. Recently, it has become commonplace to hear arguments that the United States military ought to place a greater emphasis on incorporating wargaming into its professional military education programs, so as to better prepare future military leaders for the challenges of the twenty first century.[i] Of course, critics have acutely identified issues with the preexisting practice of wargames and their value as planning tools; notably, that participants often fail to connect the military action with political considerations or objectives and that wargames are seldom able to simulate the realities of combat situations. The fact remains; however, that wargaming already has a long history of use by the armed services and continues to be a significant aspect of crafting operation plans and strategic To cite this article: Mainardi, Benjamin E., “Towards Better Civilian Strategic Education: A Case for Tabletop Wargames,” Military Strategy Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 1, summer 2022, pages 36-41. US Marine Corps War College (April 2019), Public Domain