What is Military Strategy Magazine?

For a detailed description, take a look at our About page. However, in the spirit of succinctness, MSM is a free peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the study and discussion of strategy. Our intent is to assist in greater awareness, as well as a better understanding and education of what strategy is, to whom and how it is being applied, how and why it is created, how it works, or why it fails. All articles are written in accessible language, so as to reach as wide an audience as possible. Infinity Journal is a product of The IJ Infinity Group (Company Number: 514895630)

Is Infinity Journal Peer-Reviewed?

Yes. Military Strategy Magazine, as Infinity Journal before it, uses a double-blind external peer-review process (articles are sent without the author’s name or location to two external reviewers; and authors do not know the identity of reviewers). Following the external review process, there is also an internal review process, undertaken by the Editor. If an article calls for amendments to be made via recommendations from reviewers, then the article is sent back to the writer for amendments, which must be made within 3-5 days.

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