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M.L.R. Smith

M.L.R. Smith is Professor of Strategic Theory and Academic Principal at the Australian War College (AWC), Canberra. Prior to joining the AWC he had a 25-year career at the Department of War Studies, King’s College, University of London. He founded the MA in Intelligence and International Security at King’s College, and later became Professor of Strategic Theory and Head of the Department of War Studies. He has also held academic positions at the National University of Singapore, the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and the Joint Services Command and Staff College. He has written widely on many aspects related to strategic theory and international politics.



The Strategy of Maoism in the West: Rage and the Radical Left (2022).

Terror in the Western Mind: Cultural Responses to 9/11 (2021)

Year of the Bat: Globalisation, China and Coronavirus (2020)

The Political Impossibility of Modern Counterinsurgency: Strategic Problems, Puzzles and Paradoxes (2015)

Sacred Violence: Political Religion in a Secular Age (2014)

Asian Security and the Rise of China: East Asian International Relations in an Age of Volatility (2013)

The Strategy of Terrorism: How It Works and Why It Fails (2008)

ASEAN and East Asian International Relations: Regional Delusion (2006)

Reinventing Realism: Australian Foreign and Defence Policy at the New Millennium (2000)

Fighting for Ireland? The Military Strategy of the Irish Republican Movement (1995)



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